Theses and Student Jobs

Available theses, research internships, and student jobs that are offered by our research group are listed below. Please get in touch with the listed contact person if you are interested in one of the available topics. Please include a statement of interest, curriculum vitae and transcripts in your application.

In addition to the proposed topics, initiative project proposals in the areas of audio coding, virtual and augmented reality, and perceptual measurements can be sent to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Herre.

Master Theses

Subject T/D/E Contact Status

The T/D/E column provides an indication of the balance between Theory, Development, and Evaluation work.

Research Internships for FAU Students (10 ECTS)

Subject Contact Status

Internships at Fraunhofer IIS (minimum 4 months)

Subject Contact Status

Bachelor Theses

Please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Herre if you would like to write your Bachelor thesis in our group.

Student Assistant Jobs

Please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Herre if you are looking for a student assistant job.