Research Group

Head of the Group

  • Prof. Dr. ir. Emanuël A.P. Habets

Associate and Affiliated Researchers

  • Dr.-Ing. Andreas Brendel
  • Dr. Srikanth Raj Chetupalli
  • M.Sc. Mhd Modar Halimeh
  • Dr. Albert Prinn
  • Dr.-Ing. Matteo Torcoli
  • Dr. Cagdas Tuna

Assistant Researchers

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students

  • Kaan Ersinadım (FAU)

Research Interns

  • Ivana Burmazović (FAU)
  • Veronika Kiemer (FAU)

Student Assistants and Interns

  • Daniela Rebmann (IIS)

Former Group Members