Summer School Sarntal

Course 7: Perceptual Audio Coding - From Theory to Software

This course is offered by Prof. Edler from Audiolabs, a joint institution of FAU and Fraunhofer IIS.

As an advanced coding technology provider, Fraunhofer IIS has been strongly contributing perceptual audio coding technology to the development of many standards, including mp3, AAC, MPEG-H, and 3GPP-EVS. Application fields include 5G telecommunication, home cinema, and broadcasting systems in many countries over the world to provide high quality audio with high efficiency.

In this course, we offer students the opportunity to combine their theoretical knowledge with industrial practice, and build an end to end perceptual audio codec from scratch.

Each participant will give a short presentation on a selected topic and work in a team on one of different units of an audio coder, such as MDCT, Psychoacoustic Model, Tonality Estimation, Quantization, Perceptual Measurements.

The involved level of digital signal processing knowledge ranges from basics to advanced and includes techniques like filtering, short-term spectrum analysis, prediction, frequency warping, quantization, auditory filterbanks.

Python programming skills are required.


Sarntal, Italy


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