Past course
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Prof. Dr. Bernd Edler Prof. Dr. Tom Bäckström


First meeting 28.10. at 10:15-12:00 (please contact lecturers if you cannot attend) Mid-term meeting (mid-December) Presentations (early January)


Am Wolfsmantel 33, Erlangen-Tennenlohe, Room 3R4.04 (not confirmed yet)


The emphasis in the seminar on this semester is "Speech and Audio Analysis", but other topics within Audio Processing are also welcome.

Objectives and Format

The objective of the seminar is, firstly, to give students more experience in the presentation format used in science. Secondly, the presentation topics are interesting and current topics in audio processing, thus giving the students a deeper view of a specific topic. The topic this semester focuses on Speech and Audio Analysis, but students with other specific interests are also welcome. The seminar will have three joint meetings

First meeting 28.10. at 10:15. Assingment of topics. Instructions. Review of presentation format.

Mid-term (one day in mid-December). Rehearsal talks; each student gives a presentation (30min) and receives feedback (15min).

Presentations (one day in early January). Final presentation of topics, open for audience.

In addition, each student will have an instructor, with whom he/she can/should discuss the problems and details of the presentation and topic.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Tom Bäckström or Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Bernd Edler.