Meinard Müller was named #FAUInnovator 2023 in the "Research" category


For his outstanding work Meinard Müller was named #FAUinnovator 2023 in the "Research" category. The honor was announced at the "Dies academicus 2023" event of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg on November 4th.

Where music meets computer science is exactly the place where you can find Meinard Müller and his research. Meinard uses artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze music data and decipher hidden relationships in complex musical works. "Music and computer science are not a contradiction", Müller says. "On the contrary - we can use one to better understand the other." The AudioLabs professor of Semantic Audio Signal Processing wants to use AI tools to decode characteristic features and hidden relationships in complex musical works. In his current research, the computer scientist is focusing on the complexity of the concept of learning: he is using deep learning to analyze music data and thus contribute to the digital humanities. At the same time, the insights gained should provide new impetus for AI in general. Müller's project is also aimed at teaching in schools and at universities: "Music can be a motivating medium for introducing young people to the fundamental principles of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering."

An excellent report on one of Meinard's research projects was recently featured in the magazine "German research" published by DFG. The article gives a detailed project explanation about the computer-assisted recording and analysis of polyphonic singing of traditional Georgian vocal music. More details on this research can also be found on Meinard Müller's website.