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Lecture: Audio Decomposition

After working through the material of this lecture, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the general goal of source separation?
  • What is the aim of harmonic–percussive separation? Which signal properties are exploited?
  • What is the goal of melody separation?
  • What is main idea of nonnegative matrix factorization? How can this technique be applied for audio decomposition?
  • What is the musical interpretation of template and activation matrices?

Reading Assignments

  • Chapter 8, Müller, FMP, Springer 2021
    • Introduction to Chapter 8
  • Section 8.1: Harmonic–Percussive Separation
    • Introduction to Section 8.1
  • Section 8.2: Melody Extraction
    • Introduction to Section 8.2
  • Section 8.3: NMF-Based Audio Decomposition
    • Introduction to Section 8.3



Here is a selection of videos related to tempo and beat.

Question & Answer Session

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