Dagstuhl Seminar "Computational Music Structure Analysis" 2016

28.2.2016 - 4.3.2016
Leibniz Center for Informatics, Schloss Dagstuhl

Music is a ubiquitous and vital part of the lives of billions of people worldwide. Musical creations and performances are among the most complex and intricate of our cultural artifacts, and the emotional power of music can touch us in surprising and profound ways. Music spans an enormous range of forms and styles, from simple, unaccompanied folk songs, to orchestral music and music for other large ensembles, to a minutely constructed piece of electronic music. In view of the rapid and sustained growth of digital music sharing and distribution, the development of computational methods to help users find and organize music information has become an important field of research in both industry and academia. This seminar is devoted to a research area known as music structure analysis, where the general objective is to uncover the patterns and relationships that govern the organization of notes, events, and sounds in music.

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